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How It Works

Choose your meals for the week by selecting dishes from our four menus.

We’ll whip up your personal menu *whisk, whisk* and flash freeze ‘em to seal in all the goodness.

We send it directly to your doorstep

You enjoy the food (Hello, homemade pesto chicken)!

Why Martha's

Martha’s senior meal program offers an affordable and healthy senior dining substitute to cooking, grocery shopping, hiring help, having family members and friends become personal chefs, and eating out too often. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing quality senior services and to ensure all your needs are met. We want to make it a delicious experience.

Our variety of frozen meal plans can accommodate a Diabetic Diet, Renal Diet and Heart Healthy Diets (dairy free, ultra-low sodium). Don’t have any strict dietary needs? We also have a Healthy Lifestyle Menu, thoughtfully crafted to provide Seniors with well-balanced nutrition.

We are committed to using seasonal ingredients and preparing everything locally to ensure freshness. Let our senior meal delivery service answer the question, “What’s for dinner?

What our customers are saying

  • I highly recommend this place!

    My good friend recommended them, she's a customer of them for a long time, and she was really satisfied. So, I thought I'll try for myself and she was right!!! They have a great service, outstanding delicious food, and awesome customer Service.

    Lisa, Irvine CA
  • They are very helpful!

    It's difficult for me to prepare meals after my recent surgery, but Martha’s Senior Gourmet has helped tremendously.



    Steve, Dallas, TX
  • Definitely a life saver!

    I have to say I am really impressed with this company.  Taking care of a senior from miles away is not easy, and with so any medical restrictions, finding what they can have and will is hard. I am so happy I found them.  They manage to have a huge variety of tasty food and their customer service people are courteous and more important patient.  They answered all my questions and concerns about the menu.  Food is delicious, I even eat some myself when I visit. Definitely a life saver.



    Sammy, Los Angeles, CA
  • Thanks for making mom diet simple!

    My mother has high blood pressure and needed to be placed on a strict diet. I tried Martha Senior Gourmet meals on a trial basis before signing up. The food is excellent! My mother ate every meal and her blood pressure drop immediately. Thanks for making my mom diet so easy and simple. I will continue to keep the meals because my mom looks forward to seeing what she will be eating for lunch or dinner. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable, and the meals have a Gourmet taste to them. Hard to believe it is healthy food because my mom meals have no salt, preservatives, sodium or artificial flavors. Thanks again for your service!



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